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Zip through a Montessori Week!

Another full but happy week at Roots and Wings, full of plenty of work, report presentations, forest shenanigans, Mac’n’cheese, cream puffs, the JH’s awesome chocolate applesauce cake, constructive triangles, grammar sentence parsing, balance sheets, a hundred social issues resolved through peaceful communication– and a visit from one of our former student from Florida.

 filling hana-parsing natalie-report2 nataliebalance-page

Our Parent Meeting was a success. Thanks to Logan and his brother, Abi and Alexander, who helped demonstrate the Palaeozoic Era, and a big shout out to Ryan for his presentation of the Timeline, and to Hassan and Teagan for presenting their dioramas to the parents.  We love the children’s confidence!

In the meantime at the Heritage House the children began to study our home, planet Earth. We talked about the giant masses of land called Continents and the large body of water we know as the Oceans. The children love to learn about their surroundings. Many children were then ready to begin a map of the world – reason for celebration with your child!

 20161110_101006 20161116_143055





Thanks to all who came to the Parent Meeting, where we explored the language and mathematics area.  It’s always gratifying for the teachers to see this response to theirs and your children’s hard work. 

 20161115_191147 img_20161115_195906

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