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Wonderful Camp Experience!

Well here we are, the end of camp, the end of September, and by many indications, the end of summer.  But what a great start to our year September has been!


Camp is always an opportunity for new skills – building and maintaining a campfire, archery, kayaking, hiking new trails, orienteering. orientation4 firebuildingjh archeryjag

But the greater substance of camp is our growing together as a community, with this year a focus on tipping the balance to the side of the good of the whole – both our group and our earth.  For example, we looked at weighing more on the side of contribution, less on self-gain; more on the side of kindness, less on derogatory remarks; more on mindfulness around nature, less on destruction; more on conservation, less on consumerism; more on cooperation, less on impulsive disruption; more on tolerance, less on criticism and judgment; more on gratitude, less on complaint…  you get the idea!

A huge thank you to our teachers, who sacrificed much to be present for the children 24 hours a day while at camp, and who were outstanding in their thoughtfulness and care for our children.  I trust they are all relaxing and sleeping well this weekend!  Thanks to parents for your diligence in sending just the right clothes and gear, and for food contributions, including all those yummy home-baked cookies.  For sure nobody went hungry!


In the meantime, after camp the Intermediates had some adventures of their own, including creating the wildest scarecrows I’ve ever seen!

Now, with a thorough knowledge of teachers’ gifts and the nature of our students, we are ready to design the best learning opportunities possible for this year.  We’re pumped!

Also gratifying was the meeting this past week with a leader of the Surrey City Development Corporation, our investor and a couple of our board members, regarding our progress towards our permanent home.  We’re in good hands, as all involved seem almost as excited as we are about our project.  We should know more about the timeline in a couple of weeks.

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