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Weekly email

Our days are so very full, wonderfully balanced between academic lessons (though we don’t seem to take many pics at that time) and work and outdoor exploration, between moments of silence and boisterous fun, between meeting our own needs and service to others. Already we are seeing such good progress, social and academic, each child finding strength and warmth in identifying as a contributing member of our whole school family. It was great to see their support for each other as they presented preliminary brief reports on a topic of their choice related to The Great Story of the Universe. We’ve considered how we are each a part of what Brian Swimme has termed, not the Big Bang, but the Great Flaring Forth, each of us part of the ever-expanding universe with our own role in contributing to its fullness and diversity. We noted particularly how the words we speak are part of our role and need to be carefully considered.


We are continuing entrepreneur projects for the year, as this week we began hot lunch and Friday store. It’s gratifying to see the students building on previous experience, both impressively successful, yet with definite learning points in this first week. More to come regarding pizza Tuesday.

Musical Instruments

One of Jacquelyn’s many talents is playing guitar. We have set Wednesday as guitar lesson day, though of course students can (and should) practise every day if they choose to take up this form of expression. Jacqui has found guitar sets at Costco for about $40 if you’re interested. Let us know if your child would prefer ukulele; if there’s enough interest we could do that as well.

Also, today Daryn returns from a year of piano-hopping in Europe, and he’s ready to continue teaching piano to any returning or new students who may be interested.

Thursday afternoon Clubs Day

Thursday afternoons students will have a choice of 3 or 4 activities of their choice, such as woodworking, recorder, chess, archery, etc. If you have a skill and would like to come and work with a small group of children between 1:30 and 2:30 any Thurs. afternoon, please let us know.

International Day of Peace
Weds. Sept 21

Montessori’s prime aim in establishing her method of education was peace. This makes of high importance this Wednesday’s designation as the United Nations International Day of Peace. We encourage you to have conversations at home regarding how each child can contribute to peace in the world – ideas we’ll share on Weds. morning after yoga.

Camp Bow-Isle
Sept. 26-29
We had a preliminary discussion about camp and will continue this coming week, addressing all expressed concerns. Parents, please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Students will be compiling a supply list and planning food this week.

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