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Weekend Blog

2014-10-31 13.10.02

Our weekend email now becomes our weekend blog.  Each week you’ll receive a reminder in your email with the link to this post.  If you wish to respond, you can still send an email to I trust everyone survived Hallowe’en with nerves and health intact.  Check out this link for a fun Hallowe’en card.

See our other posts for news of our Friday happenings. ___________________________________________________________________ Wishing Star is offering a parent workshop series.  Info at this link:


Upcoming Community Events you may enjoy:  

Saturday, November 8                 Joel Salatin conducts workshop on Sustainable Farming  $25  Call 604-530-1323 An important message regarding our food security.  

Have you been following David Suzuki’s posts on Facebook?  This is a milestone event for David Suzuki, one of our school’s heroes, and for Canada’s ecology commitment. Sunday, November 9                    David Suzuki Bluedot Tour 7 p.m. at the Orpheum ________________________________________________________________

Click on Upcoming Events for more info.


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