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Weekend blog January 10

Hello Parents,

Welcome to the first blog of 2015!  There’s plenty going on, so I’ll try to be concise.

First of all, a very warm welcome to all our new children; it’s wonderful to see the Roots and Wings village growing!

And a huge group hug to Aaron Cunningham, the new Director of our Primary Class at Surrey Centre.  We’re thrilled with all the good he has already brought to bless our community – and we can’t wait to hear him singing with his guitar with the children. 🙂


A reminder to parents of children in the primary, elementary or secondary programs.  Even though our program is individualized, it’s very important to the children’s comfort and focus that all students arrive on time.  Late arrivals are disruptive and unsettling, particularly for the late-comers, and at some levels result in your child missing shared information.   It’s all valuable and important – don’t miss a minute!  Thank you for your cooperation.


Bottle Drive

The Intermediates have extended their bottle drive for one more week (We get that you keep forgetting that bag in the garage!)  Please bring bottles to Langley, or to Sullivan or the Heritage Home where they’ll be put on the bus, or to Surrey Centre, where they’ll be picked up on Wednesday evening.

All proceeds go directly to the classrooms of contributors!  Thank you everyone.


New York Gala

choice 1

Friday, February 27

Back by very popular demand, join us as we host another annual dinner and performance to support this year’s student delegates to the Montessori Model United Nations.

As last year, we will hold our student Entrepreneur Show the same evening.

here’s the plan:

4:45  Entrepreneur Show – all Intermediates and Seniors  

           Hors d’oeuvres served 

5:30   Dining Room doors open, silent auction begins

            Dinner served (Liberian, Irish and New York fare)

6:30   Performance by Langley students,

            including MMUN speeches by this year’s six delegates

7:50   Award of auction items

Invite your friends and relatives, come and join in the fun!

tickets available in Langley office (will deliver to any of our centres):
  • In advance: $25/adult, $10/child, $50/family
  • At the door: $30/adult, $10/child, $60/family

 note the discount on advance tickets.

Mark March 6 on your calendar! 


Silent Auction items

Here’s how you can really help support these students: help us collect silent auction items – products or services welcome.  Be creative! Suggestions include:

  • free service from your business (good pr for you too)
  • gift cards
  • stay in your recreation home
  • babysitting
  • transportation
  • gift baskets
  • items in great condition you would like to donate

Thank you, your support fills our gratitude cups!


We’re excited to announce this year’s

Spring and Summer Day Camps


The ultimate in practical life and independence: do your children know how to grow and prepare their own food? 

We’re offering a certified course for children in organic gardening and nutritional cooking.  Camps will be held in Langley, at the Heritage Home and at Surrey Centre.

For more details call Gayle at 604-510-2588 or if it wasn’t attached to your weekend message, email for a brochure.


Roots and Wings 2015 Calendars

There are still a few calendars left at some centres.  Pick them up at our amazing clearance price of $5!  (While quantities last).


Building a Greenhouse

We’re planning to build a greenhouse – in fact ideally, we would like to build one at each of our centres.  If anyone has any materials or expertise, we’re always happy to receive them, thank you!


a last request:

We’re looking for a stage or possibly a venue for our major musical performance on May 15.  If anyone has any connections you think may be helpful, we’re all ears.

Thank you one more time!    Have a wonderful weekend.




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