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Weekend Blog

Happy Saturday morning everyone,

We’re busily heading down the homestretch for 2014, enjoying your youngsters every step of the way.  Whether you prefer the sunny cold days or the warmer wet ones, your children thrive outdoors in all weather.  Did you know that outside time for children is now recognized as so valuable there are some schools, (in Scandinavia yet!) that spend all their time and do all their learning outdoors.  I wonder how they build the pink tower in the snow.

snow group playground

                                            Children at Surrey Centre explore the white stuff

Thanks for meeting with us!

As always, our directors/tresses so enjoyed meeting you during the parent interviews last week.  We always learn so much, and of course we loved hearing how happy you all are!


Roots and Wings Calendars 2015

Have you ordered your calendar yet?  See the post under “What’s Happening”.  All proceeds from these sales will support your child’s centre.


Toddlers at Sullivan paint indoor snow!

Dec toddler


29th Annual Warmth Party!


Christmas Around the World

Performance by Heritage Home and Langley children, potluck lunch

Friday, December 19     10:30 – 12:30

See posting under “Upcoming Events” for details.


Bottle Drive

Save!  Save!  Save!

The Intermediates are planning their annual bottle drive, starting right after Christmas.  Save your bottles and cans over the holidays and bring them back the first week of January.



Spring Break and Summer Sessions

I know it seems a bit early, but we’re just letting you know we’re planning a fabulous program at all centres for the March and summer breaks.  Stay tuned….



It’s good to see so many of you recognizing the value to yourselves and to the school when you join Lyoness.  If you aren’t one of our many parents and staff now benefiting from Lyoness, just let Gayle know and she’ll sign you up.  It’s like getting a coupon on everything you purchase!


Have a great weekend – and remember to save your scraps for the goats and chickens.  (Our Dolly Llama is a little more discerning.)



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