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Weekend blog

Hello Parents,

Véronique and I have just returned from a fabulous Montessori conference in Seattle, entitled Fostering Montessori Preparedness for Global Citizenship.  While I was immersed for three days in algebra, Véronique soaked up inspiration she is eager to share with our staff, and with all our parents on Thursday evening.  Come and connect with our teachers and learn of the myriad experiences at RW that are preparing your child for success in our changing world.  Bring your questions and be prepared to be impressed!

The meeting will be of benefit to all our families from all centres.  It will be held at 6:30 at our Langley location.  We know it’s a challenge to get out to these meetings, as it is for staff, but we’re convinced the value for your children makes them well worth it!

Childcare provided, as long as you let us know ahead of time.

Please check our other message regarding the bus this coming week.

Kristin and Veronique

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