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Week-end Email October 18 – Diwali – Are you ready?


Happy Soggy Saturday Parents,


We hope you’re enjoying activities with your children today.

Are you ready for the big event?


Thursday, October 23  12:00 – 2:30

(Regular School Day; Heritage Home Early Dismissal; All Daycares as usual)


In the spirit of cultural diversity, we’re celebrating the “festival of lights” which celebrates light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair.

             childrens performance   /   fun   /   crafts   /   mehndi   /   dancing   /   elephant photos

                                                       /   rangoli   /   bake sale   /   sports


We hope many of you will be able to come and help us celebrate this event with our community. 

If you have to be at work instead, just lighten your day by thinking of us on Thursday afternoon.


From Jennifer, Intermediate Directress:

One of our activities will be making glass candle holders. Time to empty those cupboards! We need about 75 baby food jars or small jam jars to make tea light lamps (lids are not needed). If you happen to have any, please deliver them to the Intermediate class or send them on the bus by Weds. Oct. 22.


 From Tammy, our choir directress:

Any chance that we have a tabla player in our community? The piece we’re doing in choir has a simple tabla part that would make it sound wonderful.


From the Senior Class:

 Does anyone have a traditional tea pot and cups for serving chai tea?


For Diwali events in Vancouver and Surrey, visit:

Everyone welcome!

Also upcoming:  Province wide Professional Day October 24; No school; all daycares open
























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