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Thanksgiving Celebration à la Roots and Wings


With our daily forays into the forest, we’re discovering rain is not a deterrent to fun connections with nature; and there’s nothing like harvesting veggies in a strong wind for a fun start to the day! garden-harvest

Just another boring day on Friday, as we began with the harvest, calmed and stretched with yoga, then spent the morning preparing our Thanksgiving lunch: Intermediates made stone soup, Seniors made rolls, hassanteaganspudsJH’s made cookies, pumpkin pies and apple cider. 

In the same morning, there was academic work, a visit to the Post Office to mail our thank you letters and a fabulous presentation by the Intermediates of the planets they had researched.  Before we ate, we read Chief Dan George’s poem, “My Heart Soars”, then each child expressed gratitude for something they valued – such treasures as family, music, our school, their parents, electricity…  Our hearts soared!


The little ones at the Heritage House were not outdone as they celebrated this special time of year with a community Stone Soup; plenty of opportunities to practice practical life skills such as washing, cutting vegetables, pouring, and setting a table! washing-vegetablesThe children explored the virtue of Thankfulness; each child acknowledging what he or she was thankful for, what makes him or her happy and content.

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and yours

in our Roots & Wings Village



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