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Sustainable Farming Inspiration

20141006_144628_3Joel Salatin, along with two local farmers, gave a fabulous workshop in Langley on Saturday morning.  Now I know I have to read Joel’s books!

So much of what they communicated is validating for what we do at Roots and Wings.

Some of their messages:

– We need to value our food more than our iPhones, and pay what it’s worth

-Education is the key to restoring sustainability to our food systems

-Growing our own food and buying locally would save million in costs and environmental destruction of burning fossil fuels.

-Childhood obesity can be turned around if children garden and value their produce

-Bureaucracy and regulation is blind to the needs of small businesses, creating obstacles that cause many to fail.

-People spend thousands on remodeling kitchens in which they rarely cook!  We need to educate our children to eat and prepare healthy food.

Did you know 2014 is the International Year of the Family Farm?

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