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Social Education too!

If we needed proof that we’re a global community, we have it now, as millions of people around the world voice their opinions of the new President of the US! Despite obvious concerns, I think we can find reason to hope.

At school this week, in our morning chats after yoga, we used a jar of muddy water to illustrate the value of honesty in washing away mistakes, rather than denying them and letting them settle into a guilty conscience. This discussion extended to the virtue of integrity, the value of doing what is right even when no one is watching.

The muddy jar is not unrelated to Donald Trump’s “draining of the swamp”, though not in the same context. Our society has become so corrupted by the power of the few, by corporate corruption and greed, Monsanto, Nestle, pharmaceutical deception, dishonesty and oppression, the rich getting richer and the middle classes becoming poorer, that many feel helpless and depressed. Many were obviously ready to try anything as an alternative. Trump’s leadership may be a gift, if it does nothing more than stir up this “mud”, so that an active population can act to purify it. In his inaugural speech, Trump claimed he was giving the power back to the people. One can’t argue with that – as long as the people are informed, virtuous, active and responsible. The millions demonstrating today are a great assurance that Trump will not be allowed to follow any of his negative impulses.

We all have a role to play, and must educate ourselves so that our actions are informed and effective. After watching “Cowspiracy”, one may consider becoming a vegetarian. What about other films that expose corruption and harm: “Food Inc.”, “Corporation”, “Wal-mart”, “The Truth about Cancer”, “Vaccines Revealed”, “Riverblue”…

Our children will be our new leaders in the not so distant future. It’s so important to talk to them at their level of understanding about what is going on, always helping them to realize a successful society is founded on the virtues, and that they have a role every day in making a difference, even if a small one.
Other highlights this week included charcoal drawing, JH’s creating biodomes, a great forest obstacle course fun on Friday – and the appearance of our resident beaver!

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