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We have 30 years of experience nurturing and educating young children,

with staff who have been with us for 10-20 years and are trained in the Montessori method.

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Heritage House, 15250  54 A Avenue, Surrey, BC

(3-5 year Daycare also available)



Firm Foundations for Infinite Development:


Did you know: Children between ages two and a half and five have an incredible ability

to absorb information that is a foundation for all future learning?


From the first introduction, the three-year-old is treated with great respect and encouraged to respect her friends, her teachers and her environment. Although still at a very egocentric stage, she learns to work without disturbing others’ concentration, to treat the materials carefully and replace them ready for the next child’s use.

Practical Life exercises bridge the gap between home and school and help the child master his inside and outside environment, increasing self-confidence and independence. Pouring, fastening, caring for plants, using tools, polishing, sewing, washing, preparing snack and cleaning up spills also contribute to learning order and sequence, fine and large motor control and concentration. The youngster settles into a tranquil satisfaction as his needs are met through use of these appealing and beautiful materials. Caring for our animals exposes him to a wider view of life and awakens his nurturing talents.

Once settled, she is ready to work with the Sensorial Materials, each scientifically and precisely designed to help the child discern specific qualities, such as size, shape, colour, smell, sound, texture and taste. Eventually she will classify and order what has been perceived and the groundwork is laid for academic skills.

For example, now sensitive to touch, the child traces sandpaper letters and repeats the sound of each, or learns land and water areas on a sandpaper globe. Able to order rods of various lengths, the child is ready to label the units and begin work with numbers. Recognizing various shapes in the environment, the child enjoys work with the geometric cabinet, flower and leaf shapes and fractions. Algebra is introduced sensorially at this stage, with the binomial and trinomial cubes.

primary2 Creative expression is encouraged, not through group crafts, but in  consultation with our very talented Montessori-trained art specialist, by  providing materials and skills for individual expression, and exploration of  colour, texture, line and shape, as well as practice in fine motor  coordination. Always, it is the process, not the product that is emphasized.

Children are early and often given opportunities for experiences out of doors,  through exploration of the trees, birds, creek, fields, the farm animals, their  own gardens, and field trips. Emphasis is on their understanding the inter-  relatedness of all life, and their responsibility as stewards of the earth.

 All of this individual work is enriched by group activities, which increase as the child becomes more gregarious. Here the children learn French, music, creative dance, musical stories and rhythm instruments – stories, books and discussions enrich their language appreciation and vocabulary. Physical activity includes gym and yoga with a Montessori trained expert. Exposure to cultures all over the world helps them to appreciate differences in nations and acquire an attitude of tolerance and peace.

Already reading and doing decimal math, with large vocabularies and a clear sense of order, the children now have a solid “root structure” on which to bear great academic and creative “fruit”.


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