International Program

Our Vision Our vision is of a world that can finally live in peace, a global community based on interdependence, respect for all life and all people, reached through the only path that can truly lead there; our children. The Mission To create a community to enable children to honour and respect their innate goodness, their joy in learning and their responsibility as caring global citizens and stewards of the earth. Roots and Wings is designed to prepare students for life and for whatever best contributes to their life-long learning, including university and entrepreneurship. Our school fosters the child’s natural inclination to connect with nature. Roots and Wings is an international school. We embrace a global perspective as a philosophy for building a diverse community grounded in knowledge that leads to understanding and acceptance of all peoples. We are committed to honouring diversity and helping each child find his or her individual path. Roots and wings is a close-knit community of students, educators, parents and friends of the school. We use the Montessori approach, along with compatible curriculum and programmatic elements of additional approaches and materials from the larger non-Montessori educational community, to provide opportunities for enrichment beyond the basic curriculum. At the present time we do not arrange homestay for our international students. If homestay is desired we have some connections we can direct you towards.

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Monthly Fees for International Students (as of January 1, 2014)

Age International
Babycare (4mnths-3yrs) CAD$ 1800.00
Daycare (age3-5) CAD$ 1560.00
Primary (age3-5) (Morning session) CAD$ 1100.00
Primary (age3-5) (afternoon session) CAD$ 1100.00
Extended Day (age 5) CAD$ 1800.00
Elementary (age 6-12) CAD$ 1800.00
Secondary (age 12-15) CAD$ 1800.00