Would Your Child Benefit From Learning

Basic Business Skills?


Such as: Creating A Marketable Item or Service; Managing A Budget; Advertising; Bookkeeping




Under the coaching and guidance of Bill Roche, participants as young as five years-old, in the Young Entrepreneurs Program start their own businesses and get real-life experience! Students learn to map out their success with a realistic business plan. They create their own products and marketing materials, sell them and are coached throughout the program and challenged in unique ways. All Young Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to tap their own gifts in order to be successful. They evaluate their successes, learn from their mistakes and encourage each other at all stages of the program. An important element of this program is their learning the true substance of money, learning to spend wisely and responsibly, save and invest in ways that support other worthy endeavours, and give to charities.



The Young Entrepreneurs Program at Roots and Wings has taken root in several initiatives:

The Shakers

Noting the inadequacy of many children’s breakfasts, and after conducting their research, the third year Intermediate students (8 and 9 year-olds) determined that there was a market for a power (high protein) shake which could be sold to students as a breakfast substitute. Their business plan included determining the right price, sourcing free fruit from a local supermarket and the purchase of additional ingredients. Now, each Wednesday morning, these students serve up these power shakes to their classmates. They create their own publicity and handle money and in the process are developing sound business skills. Their goal is to provide this healthy meal every school morning!

The Green Musketeers

This group of 8 – 10 year olds wanted to make a difference and draw attention to the harmful effects of everyday cleaning products. They developed a multi-level marketing plan, recruit helpers when needed, maintain customers and create new contacts, run advertising campaigns and make presentations extolling the benefits of their environmentally-friendly, cost-effective cleaning P1020632products. Of course, the teachers and cleaning service now use their products at the school!

 Hot Lunch Program

Once a week students ages 9 – 12 are responsible for serving a hot meal —  restaurant style — to their classmates. Students plan a nutritious menu,  market to other students, shop with an eye on ingredients, price and  packaging, prepare the meal, serve with grace and courtesy, clean up  afterwards and save profits in their own bank account, all under the  leadership of their elected manager (age 9 – 12). Their earnings take them  on a major trip each year.

Pizza Day

Another hugely successful endeavour is pizza day. Every Tuesday our 5 year-olds order, serve and sell pizza by the slice, learning healthy food handling and customer management.

Mountain View Conservation & Breeding Centre

Additional entrepreneurial achievements include support for the Mountain View Conservation & Breeding Centre. Students participated in the Youth in Action™ program, an educational program sponsored by Westminster Savings Credit Union. They were challenged to raise money for a local non-profit organization and then write to the credit union about their accomplishments. The students held a Fall Bake Sale and raised $130 to support endangered animals at the Mountain View Centre in Langley. In addition, they won a Youth in Action™ prize of $500. As a result of their initiative and imagination, the students netted a total of $630 to support their cause.


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