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The provincial government is slowly moving towards inquiry-based, inter-disciplinary learningin multi-age classrooms.

We already have 30 years of experience!

Kindergarten and Intermediate Program (Grades K-3) available at our Forest School location in Langley.

A school is a group of people who come together with a common purpose, education. True Montessori schools work diligently to provide a positive and formative experience that will serve your child now and for the rest of their lives.

Often called “Lower Elementary”, the Intermediate level sees children socializing more, enjoying more  group lessons and more focused on moral education.  Each week they choose a virtue on which to focus  and resolve differences at their “Peace Table”.  As at all levels at Roots and Wings, they know that  hurting others or oneself is never tolerated, and they learn how to find peace through words. The children continue to work with the Montessori materials as they progress in all academic areas.   Many have the reading and writing skills to now begin individual research on topics of their choice.   Their imaginations are easily ignited as they are passionate to learn about their world.  Montessori’s  global approach allows the children to see the whole picture, through time lines, the “Great Stories” and comprehensive earth stewardship.  Daily play and learning outdoors, along with gardening and animal care, ensure their respect for their natural worlds and the soul connection that leads to a life-long care for the earth.history7 The children love to sing, dance and perform at various times throughout the year.  They enjoy daily physical activity, in the forest or in our large fields going outside in all weather.  Each year for several weeks in a row they go ice skating, following by a couple of months of weekly swimming sessions, usually in the spring. The children learn entrepreneurship, creating a business plan that includes making their own product, doing market research, displaying and selling it, then distributing their profits in three pots: saving, spending and giving.  They learn French, Art, basic technology skills and satisfy government inspectors that they cover all required elements of the provincial curriculum.   earthstewardship2  

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