Alternative High School

Adolescents are such wonderful people, and in our standardized system, we fall so far short of meeting their needs – need for independence, for strenuous physical activity, large opportunities for social interaction and growth, channels to express their deep introspective and spiritual strengths and opportunities to serve others.


Roots and Wings is proud to announce the launch of its new high school program in September of 2015. This program comes as in response to an expressed need for alternative education for adolescents.

Our program is focused on self-directed learning, allowing students to take the lead in their learning process, with freedom to explore their passions and talents to the fullest.

High School students will be enrolled with Roots and Wings and also with the Self Design distance learning school funded through the Ministry of Education. The Self Design model harmonizes with the Montessori approach to learning by adapting the curriculum to the unique learning needs of each individual student rather than a cookie cutter approach.

Students, teachers and parents all play a role in determining learning objectives and creating an individualized learning plan. This approach reduces many of the emotional, intellectual and social pressures students may feel to conform, and allows them ample freedom to explore new ideas and develops skills to the fullest.

By interfacing Roots and Wings High School with Self Design personal learning program, students receive the best possible education, designed by them, with academic achievement as a prime goal. Students will also benefit from learning amongst their peers in a calm, focused, fun environment with opportunities to explore the creative arts, leadership skills, physical education, gardening and animal husbandry.


Learning Structure:

Mornings will be time for focused study according to the learning plan developed with their Self Design teaching mentor. Students will also have access to learning support from their classroom teacher and other students who will support and inspire one another.

Afternoons will be dedicated to numerous individual and group activities designed to develop self-care, leadership, conflict resolution and a relationship to nature and other living things:

  • non-competitive physical activity in our gym program; physical chores tending the garden and from animals; and opportunities for skating, biking, hiking and swimming.
  • Creative arts including music and theatre.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities through sale of our produce, honey from our bees and from arts and crafts.
  • Care of our organic garden and farm animals that include chickens, goats and a llama.
  • Opportunities to be mentored in the workplace or volunteer in the community.

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