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Parent Education Night – November 15 @ 7 pm. All welcome!

Come and join us for our second parent education night and learn more about the Montessori curriculum. Find out what and how your child learns at school.

Elementary and secondary

Location: Camp McLean, Erickson building

Topic: Cosmic Education-The first great lesson: the time line of Life.

This meeting should be fun, as we present the “global curriculum”, the philosophy of presenting the whole universe and sowing the seeds of individual learning, inviting the children to follow their own passions of interest.  We will have students present the Time Line of Life and display their related reports.  Come and share this impressive learning with us.  We would love to see as many as possible of you theredioramas2!

Preschool and Kindergarten

Location: Heritage House

Topics: Language and Mathematics curriculum

Maria Montessori designed language and mathematics materials that help most children read and do maths operations in the thousands by age 5. Come and find out the what, how and why, and get a chance to win one of our door


Child care available upon request.

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