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Message from the Principal

The unspeakable tragedies in Paris today must elicit from each of us the highest degree of caring and support for our fellow world citizens, along with a reminder to cherish all who are dear to us.

Terrorist activities remind us of the phrase from our school pledge “so that all people can live with dignity, in good health and in peace.”  Education has such a vital role to play for the world’s children, educating all the world’s citizens, out of fear, hatred and extremism, replacing all this evil with the power of love, bringing equality, tolerance, brotherhood and respect, guiding us to world peace.  As we noted with the children during our Remembrance ceremony, world peace begins at home.  Children who are aware of today’s horrors can be reminded of their part in living the virtues we discuss and practice at school, taking every opportunity to bring peace where they are able.

– Kristin Cassie


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