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Korean visitors

What a wonderful two weeks we’ve had!  It’s hard to believe our Korean visitors have been with us for only ten days.  These beautiful children have enriched us with new friendships, hunger to learn, different perspectives and plenty of fun.  A word of appreciation for our teachers, who are outstanding in their ability to discern and provide for the needs of all our children, visitors and regulars.  What a team!


In the past ten days, we have had the usual morning forest and yoga, followed by uninterrupted work time until noon. The returning children have resettled into routines, enjoyed new lessons and have been kind and welcoming to our new classmates. We’ve enjoyed a Korean-Canadian hot lunch, rice bowls and beaver tails, prepared by the children.  Afternoons have included Clubs (good getting to know each other activities), visiting the library, music, art and great tobogganing on the nearby snow slopes.

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