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Intermediate Class Blog


Now that the weather has turned dismal with rain and cloud, attention is drawn  to more inside challenges, such as improving on intellectual skills and learning new concepts.  A few of the children are relearning how to hold a pencil with the aid of activities that strengthen their fine motor skills.  Some of our newer students are starting to count from any given number rather than start at number one each time, and others are reading words as a whole rather than as separate sounds, as well as learning to identify parts of a sentence.  For these children, these tasks are monumental achievements and well worth the pride felt by their success.  For others, there has been a sudden enthusiasm for reading chapter books. … All are indications of a month full of many realizations, preparing the way for new ideas to come.

To make it interesting, we have been studying the Sun and our Solar System through experiments, a research project, creating mobiles and fantasy planets/aliens, and quiz games.  This week the children watched the original news cast of humans walking on the moon in 1969.

October is also full of special events that add sparkle to a child’s exploration of his/her world.  Thanksgiving was celebrated with the Seniors by sharing biscuits and a special soup called Stone Soup.  Each year we participate in the Shake Out drill by reviewing the nature of earthquakes and possible ways to keep safe if one occurs.  Later we celebrated Diwali with music, songs, candle-lights, henna painting and dance.  And how could we do anything but show off our Halloween costumes with a parade and games on Hollow’s eve too?


The children had first hand experience with the rudiments of voting in a class council with a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.  It will be the council’s responsibility to plan and organize a special day each semester to include the whole school.  They have decided on pajama day for this semester.  Should be fun!

Each week we choose a ‘Star’ for the week to fulfill certain jobs, which includes choosing a virtue.  During that week we find ways to emphasize the virtue through real time examples, group discussions and games.  We have had fun with skits, music, stories and a knot game (unity) so far.

We are thankful for our lives being filled with the wonders of a child’s learning through varying experiences and observations.  For this, we are truly blessed.


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