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Fall Fair – A fun family get together

One of the joys of the fall is our Fall Fair.  While it was small compared to our usual scale, it was a fun family get together.  Thanks to the children who patiently practiced their parts, to the teachers who guided them, and to the members of the audience who provided their positive feedback.  We really appreciate those who were able to join us, especially those who snuck away from work for an hour or so!

teagan-thinking pumpkin-carving photo-booth-3 photo-booth-2 photo-booth-1





















The same day, our Intermediates visited the Campbell Valley Park Nature House to explore insects, the Seniors gathered a few more pumpkins from Kristin’s house and began preparing the garden for winter (such excitement over giant worms!).

cleaning-the-gardens big-worms






And the JH’s cooked up a fabulous lunch for their Starducks Cafe, enjoyed by our visitors.

This week also included a jaunt to King’s Farm to visit our animalsand pick up some more pumpkins.  We know Shadow loved seeing the children again!

amar-shadow choosing-pumpkins

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