Dress Code

After several years of thought and much polling and discussion, we now have our own “Earth Wear”, a name we prefer to “uniforms” with their sometime connotations of prestige and restriction. We believe it provides a balance between allowing the children some individuality, yet avoiding the focus on clothing and the societal class consciousness that goes with commercial brand names. We chose it to reflect our stewardship of the earth (the basic earth colours) and the individuality of the “flowers in the garden” – our shirts. Parents/students are encouraged to further individualize their “Earth Wear” with appropriate appliqués, patches or embroidery.

All Primary and elementary children, will be expected to wear their “Earth Wear” daily. The Secondary students are at a different level of development, with different needs, so graduation to this level means greater freedom to choose clothing, although it is still governed by a “dress code”.

Earthwear can be obtained from Neat Uniforms. Khaki pants, shorts, skirts or skorts and “crocs” can be purchased there or anywhere else. Delivery is free. They have just moved to the following address:

1050 Boundary Rd. Burnaby, B.C. V5K 4T3. You can call Neat Uniform at the following numbers: 604-205-7560 or toll free 1-800-668-8261 Ext:207


Lands’ End School Uniforms

Step-by-step Online Order Instructions:

  • Choose the category (Uniforms for Girls, or Uniforms for Boys) and click appropriate size range.
  • Select product category (polos, pants, shorts, etc.)
  • Select item and click size next to preferred color (Khaki for bottoms, Bugundy, Maize or Dark Green for tops.)
  • Enter preferred school number in the box that will appear after item is ordered: preferred school number: 9001-1874-6
  • Logo description will appear and you may apply it by highlighting it in the drop-down menu.
  • Place item in shopping bag and proceed to checkout.
  • Previously worn clothing may be made available by parent-run sales at the school.