Hazelmere School

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Hazelmere School

Hazelmere School is temporarily located in Aldergrove, at 264th and 62nd Ave.  It is home to our Intermediate (Grades 1-3), and Seniors (Grades 4-6).  Our secondary program will resume when we move into our new quarters in Brookswood.   Preschool and Kindergarten are at our Heritage Home in Panorama Ridge.

Bus Transportation:

To help make our school more accessible, we offer bus transportation to and from school, from the following location:

Heritage Home Preschool – 15250, 54A Avenue, Surrey (near Hwy#10), with pick up along the route down Hwy 10, via Langley ByPass to Aldergrove.


Who Knew School Could Be Like This?

Elementary and Secondary children have a strong need for independence, for strenuous physical activity, large opportunities for social interaction and growth, channels to express their deep introspective and spiritual strengths and opportunities to serve others. Montessori named these children “Erdkinder”, Earth Children, and proposed the farm as an ideal community in which to meet their needs.  We are working hard to regain our full farm environment.  in the meantime, the children continue to enjoy daily nature walks, many field trips to forest environments, and preparing vegetarian meals from their garden.  We  focus on stewardship of the earth and help children to nurture their inner selves through connection with the natural world, strongly influenced by First Nations culture. Natural connections allow students to grow physically, ethically, spiritually, academically and socially through their individual connections with the natural world.

 The Roots and Wings program is ground-breaking and unique in its approach to education. The school attracts forward-thinking environmentally and socially aware families. We value high academic standards and self-discipline, along with values and ethics coming from strong self-esteem.

Children are taught basic business skills  and through our entrepreneurship program they graduate from our school as well-rounded citizens ready to tackle the challenges of the future.











Our Staff

Our excellent staff are headed by Kristin Cassie, School Founder and  Principal, and Veronique Bodart, Vice-Principal, with 37 years of combined experience.


Kristin Dec 14

Kristin Cassie, Principal


Veronique Bodart, Vice-Principal

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