“After a great deal of research into preschools and early education opportunities for young children in Surrey, we reached Roots and Wings and were surprised and impressed to find a school that did not just teach children but put a great deal of effort into teaching children as young as our three year old to understand the value of sustainability, stewardship, community service, etc. This is not just another school but a model school.”

William and Sobhana Daniel


Roots and Wings has been a wonderful haven for learning and personal development for our son for four years now. There is so much to be said for honoring the individual learning needs of our youth! Bravo Roots and Wings Montessori School!

Namaste, Tamara Veitch

“During (my six-year-old son’s) stewardship he has become a knowledgeable compassionate leader and mentor in the areas of taking responsibility for himself and accountability for his part in the world around him – his love of the earth and the people who live in it. (My son) makes choices every day that empower and sustain him and provide him with a value system of pride and self-worth that precedes him in his every day life. He is a very confident and self-assured individual.”

Joanne Foster


“The school’s plans are innovative; it dares to lead the way towards the future of education.”

Manj Bains


“We love the school. I am so impressed with the teachers and the education my children are receiving.”

Daleth Bach


“The value of this learning center will extend to our entire educational community – in Canada and beyond.”

Rachel Orr


“This school will be the first of many to pop up across our nation because it meets the real needs of the children. It provides for a world-class learning environment in a caring atmosphere of good stewardship, community relations, and advanced academic skills.”

Sande and Simon Marples


“Communities of the future must look at means of sustainable development and this center will help achieve that goal not only in its own right as a stimulating and enriching place, but in the community leaders it will produce to inspire and lead others into a healthy future.”

Steve Larigakis


“Our school has been recognized as a pioneer in educational reform, and we the parents know that this school works!”

Michele and Trevor Dusterhoft


“This school can be in the forefront of new 21st century educational models for our children.”

Geraldine Schwartz


“My daughter has been attending Roots and Wings for the last two years. I am beyond impressed by the changes in her ability to learn, her level of understanding of the world around her and her growing respect for her role as a good citizen of this earth.”

Monica Hansford

“We are proud to report that Simon made the Honor Roll at Clayton Heights Secondary for first term. He feels quite proud of himself for accomplishing that, and fully acknowledges that his two years in Grade 8/9 at Roots and Wings has given him the tools he needs to be successful in a very academic environment.”

From a student who came to Roots & Wings in dire straits, failing most subjects and angry and uncooperative


“I will certainly start off by saying that Al’s two years (age 13-14) in Reed & Rebecca’s class at Roots and Wings were spectacular. There is no question that they provided a huge background for Al in love of learning (especially math, but also in general), in self-directed learning, in relating to people (especially his teachers and other adults), in self-awareness, and in generally knowing what’s important in life. The results since he’s been attending Grade 10 at A.R. MacNeill Secondary in Richmond have been more than satisfactory, from everyone’s perspective. Al manages his own homework — we have NOT ONCE had to remind him or nag him to do anything. He does this the way he manages all of his goals in life.. without needing any reminders from us.”

Paul Miniato

From former students:

“I credit Roots and Wings for giving me the tools to hold strong morals, and live by my own ethics. Something about being brought up in the Roots and Wings program made me strong, not a potential victim to peer pressure, especially once entering high school.I remember best the trips! Alberta, Québec, Mexico, Camp Bow-Isle, Ross Lake.”

Micaela Paton


From a student now in film school in Vancouver:

“I loved the plays, especially “Gold Fever” and “Connecting Canada” That was where my passion for performing and the visual arts first developed. I consider my time there, “The Good Old Days”!”

Trevor Marples


From a graduate of UVic:

“At Roots and Wings I was consistently challenged, whether it was a solo trip into the woods, traveling to the Caribbean, writing a novel, running a business, leading the class, playing the saxophone or starring in a play. The teachers were support and guidance as to the directors of my learning. I was given the space to blossom into myself and nurture my innate love of learning – on a daily basis…I loved having my teachers continually remind me of my beauty, strength and ability. Roots and Wings laid the groundwork for my love of learning – my desire to become an intellectual – and the values I live my life by.”

Nathanael Baker


“No words could express how happy your kindness, love, patience and warmth made our little daughter. Elliot loved coming to school each day, and we thank you so very much!”

Dawn and Mark Unru

“Taiki and I had precious time and experience with you in Canada. I’m sure that he’ll mature with this experience. Thank you so much for given your time, your energy and yourself.”

Atsumi Hasegawa