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25th Annual camping trip a hit as usual

20150916_11220320150914_19251520150914_125529 At the end of our second week, our six to 15 year olds have had many great learning opportunities, among them, the practical life activities of fire-building and cooking,  compass use, first aid, hatchet safety, nutrition and food safety, water safety, tent erection, and staying dry in the rain!  Perhaps even more important is the emotional growth of spending one or more nights away from home and staying positive in the rain and huge at least for the older children, the social growth in learning teamwork, responsibility, problem-solving and initiative, tolerance and simply how to be a good friend and contributing member of the Roots and Wings family.  This experience is such a valuable start to our year, as we now move into more academics, while continuing the social, emotional and physical progress.


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