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School Year

Our theme:  The Nature of our Village   

July 7th  to 2nd Aug 2014 - Summer Program

September 2 - School reopens




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We are a wireless radio-wave free zone.  All computers are hard-wired, no cell phones allowed in the school.


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Now Open:

Montessori Preschool,

Daycare, Infant/Toddler

Ages 4 months to 5 years

13639 104th Ave, Surrey


  Roots & Wings Montessori

French Immersion Preschool

Campbell Valley Location          

Limited spaces 

     call now: 604-510-2588



Roots and Wings Students' Pledge of Allegiance

Roots & Wings Montessori Place is dedicated to providing an optimum school environment based on Montessori's philosophy of individualized education of the whole child, ethically, socially, academically, physically, spiritually and artistically, thus enabling each to become a self-reliant, satisfied, confident and productive citizen.

Have you found the best education for your child’s future?

We focus on your children’s well-being, guiding them to discover their gifts, preparing for their individual satisfaction as they contribute them to our changing world and empowering them through positive relationship with others, both near and far; in short, we aim for no less than world peace!

It’s not how smart you are, but how you’re smart!

Whether your child is good at math, gardening, spelling, running, drawing, singing, relating to others, communicating with animals, fixing a computer or just unique thinking – every child is gifted, and our aim is to provide as wide a spectrum of learning as possible, so that each can find his passion.

Will your child make a difference in the world?

We encourage independent thinkers who can stand up for themselves and their beliefs, and trust their ability to effect change. Strong connections with the natural world create effective stewards of the earth.

Click the link below to watch the School Video



Why Montessori? Check out this documentary film project called "Building the Pink Tower"

Our Programs and Locations

As all programs are individualized, we accept registrations any time there is space available.

1.  Roots and Wings Montessori Sullivan #101,102 15295 Hwy 10, Surrey

     Daycare/Babycare for children ages 4 months to 5 years.  Supervisor, Arceli Llanes 604-575-0788

2.  Roots and Wings Montessori Heritage Home 15250 54A Ave  

     Preschool and Daycare for children ages 3 - 5 years   Supervisor, Veronique Bodart 604-574-5399

3.  Roots and Wings Montessori  Campbell Valley Park, 982 200th St, Langley. 

     Elementary/Secondary/Daycare/Preschool students ages 3-16. Principal, Kristin Cassie 604-510-2588

4.  Roots and Wings Montessori Family Centre, Surrey .

     Babycare/ Daycare/ Preschool for children ages 4 mths to 5 years   Supervisor, Angel Yang

Surrey Centre now open

Babycare, Daycare (3-5) and Primary

13639 104th Ave   604-510-2588 or 604-496-7477

Manager:  Vanessa Paton

Montessori Model United Nations

Pledge Song Performance

City TV Interview - BT's Brightest

Surrey Leader - RW Students bound for the UN


Is your grade 7-9 child eagerly anticipating school each day?

Looking for something more engaging?

A small group of 12-15 year olds will have a very special experience this year.  Through a variety of highly interactive practical living experiences, these young adolescents will learn to work as productive members of a mini-society, discovering satisfaction in their individual ability to serve, at the same time covering all elements of the academic curriculum.
Their experience will include:
·  Values teaching, ethical and fruitful entrepreneurship and financial education
·  Connection with the natural environment through animal care, organic gardening and earth stewardship
·  Sports of their choice – common sports plus equestrian, tennis, kayaking, skate-boarding, etc.
·  All conventional academics, including math, language, humanities, French, Mandarin and others
·  Study of society, through civilizations, both global and local
·  Opportunity to attend the Montessori Model United Nations, in New York or Geneva, learning how to make a real difference in solving global issues
·  Development of their great creative potential, through band, choir, drama, poetry and story writing, and performance
One of only three Montessori secondary schools in Canada modelled on the ideals of Maria Montessori, Radicalus Secondary, an extension of Roots & Wings Montessori, will have its home base in Campbell Valley Park.
Only 15 students will be accepted.  Would you like your child to be one of them?  Call for an appointment with the principal, Kristin Cassie:  604-510-2588 or email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .